District 41 Issues

Escalating Crime

The pro-crime policies of defunding police and the reduction of penalties for breaking laws have had a devastating impact on safety and security in our neighborhoods. I will fight to hold criminals accountable and restore confidence in our  justice system by working with Law Enforcement and the District Attorney to: 

  • Pass legislation that helps strengthen criminal sentencing guidelines;
  • Train, Fund, and Equip our law enforcement to protect our community;
  • Assure all elements of our justice system are held to the highest standards of integrity;
  • Educate Citizens and organized robust Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the district in close partnership with local police;
  • And strengthen laws to better deter and prosecute crimes of violence and the use and sale of dangerous drugs.

Outrageous Cost of Living

The current climate in Colorado does not support the entrepreneurial spirit of Coloradans. Oppressive regulations and excessive fees stifle the growth of new businesses and impact new buildings and new businesses.  I will work to find and implement:

  • Alternative Housing Options (Tiny House Communities)
  • Lossen/eliminate construction mandates and fees
  • Incent more income-based housing options with caveats 
  • Discourage  dangerous public Camping with alternative housing options
  • Cut excessive fees and restrictive regulations on entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Protect TABOR
  • Raise the Homestead Property Tax Extension Limit for senior citizens;
  • Reduce and/or eliminate income tax on senior citizens. 

Failing Education System

Our future generations must thrive with the education they need to succeed. Our current education system is failing.  All kids are not college-bound but should have the opportunity to learn vital skills that provide them the opportunity to contribute as full-fledged citizens.  I will fight to:

  • Support Active Parental Involvement;
  • See that funds follow students (i.e., school choice);
  • Insure focus is on basic education  (the 7 Liberal Arts - Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy);
  • Offer robust Vocational programs at the Middle and High school level (Plummer, Electrician, Construction, Mechanics, Nursing);
  • and trim/eliminate redundant school admininistration costs.


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